Monday 25
Seasons of Larson - Debbie KurrupShow: Seasons of Larson
Venue: Lyric Theatre, W1D
Date: closes 25 January
Cast: Debbie Kurup, Krysten Cummings, Damien Flood
Summary: On 25 January 1996, the day of the first preview of RENT Off-Broadway, its composer Jonathan Larson died unexpectedly at the age of 35. Tragically he would never live to see the impact his work would have, not only on the face of musical theatre but also on a generation of young artists and performers. Twenty years to the day and Seasons of Larson will explore how he became the voice for a new generation that continues to resonate with people all over the world.

Show: I See You
Venue: Royal Court Theatre, Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, SW1W
Date: closes 26 March
Summary: Based on a real meeting, Ben meets Skinn for a night out. But the party is interrupted by the police. Ben, a young student who doesn’t know his own history, is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. And Officer Buthelezi, a former freedom fighter, can’t let it go.

Tuesday 26
Show: The Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards 2015
Venue: Prince of Wales Theatre, W1
Date: closes 26 January
Host: Mark Shenton
Summary: The ceremony will provide an informal gathering of award recipients, the drama critics and theatre practitioners. They’ll all gather to celebrate the critics’ personal choice of the best theatre, from throughout the UK, during the last calendar year.

Show: Springtime for Henry (and Barbara)
Venue: Wilton Hall, E1
Date: closes 27 January
Cast: Mel Brimfield, Gwyneth Herbert
Summary: Mel Brimfield and Gwyneth Herbert present a fictitious lost musical reconstructed in fragments, centred around the lives of British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. For two nights a stellar cast brings this story to life in a multitude of unexpected ways to reality.

Show: Kite
Venue: Soho Theatre
Date: closes 6 February
Cast: Charlotte Croft, Liz Crowther, Nicola Blackwell, Linden Walcott-Burton
Summary: A lonely girl is taken to live in her grandma’s flat where the windows are shut tight where she is only able to dream about the seagulls and sand dunes that once consumed her life. But then, one evening a handmade kite comes to life and sparks a wild adventure with the opportunity to find what seemed to have been lost forever. Kite is a play without words with a range of exciting and originally composed music, dance, puppetry and of course kites.

Wednesday 27
One of Those castShow: One of Those
Venue: Tristan Bates Theatre
Date: closes 13 February
Summary: On a long, quiet train journey to Cornwall, James and Laura meet for the first time. In the next carriage, Philip and Davina look forward to their first weekend away together, only to be confronted by Philip’s wife. It’s returning to the Tristan Bates after a sold out run last year, One Of Those is a fast paced comedy that challenges the classical stereotypes of age and background and explores the exciting beginnings of one relationship against the desperate cartwheels of another.

Vault 1Show: Vault Festival
Venue: The Vaults, SE1
Date: closes 6 March
Cast: Various
Summary: Since its humble beginnings in 2012 VAULT has hosted over 250 productions, from outrageous comedy acts to hard-hitting political theatre and experimental new work from Britain’s most exciting emerging artists. This year is set to deliver another feast for the body, soul and mind with an international array of performances exploring themes such as gender, mental health, conflict and more. Spread out over a number of venues over 150 are scheduled to entertain and inspire.

Thursday 28
Show: Jeepers Creepers
Venue: Leicester Square Theatre, The Lounge, WC2H
Date: closes 20 February
Cast: David Boyle, Rebecca Vaughan
Summary: Monty Python legend Terry Jones is to direct the world premiere of Jeepers Creepers, a play about comedy star Marty Feldman and his ambitious wife, Lauretta. Charting one of the most powerful and complex partnerships in comedy this is a unique look at one of the greatest: Marty Feldman. Terry Jones has a personal connection to the play’s subject having written sketches for and appeared in ‘It’s Marty’ with Feldman in the late 1960s.

Friday 29
Show: The Master Builder
Venue: Old Vic Theatre, SE1
Date: closes 19 March
Cast: Charlie Cameron, James Dreyfus, Linda Emond, Ralph Fiennes
Summary: The master builder, Halvard Solness has a fear of falling. As self-made man, without professional qualifications, he has achieved domination in the town, but he is increasingly frightened of being displaced by the young. Then one day a woman appears from the mountains, claiming to have previously known Solness, and telling him of a promise he made to her when she was thirteen. Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece The Master Builder comes to The Old Vic in a lively new adaptation by multi-award winning David Hare

Show: Iphigenia In Splott
Venue: National Theatre, Temporary Theatre, SE1
Date: closes 13 February
Cast: Sophie Melville
Summary: Effie’s life is a mess, involving drink, drugs and drama every night. That is until one night when a chance arises for her to be something more. Inspired by the enduring Greek myth, Gary Owen’s powerful drama drives home the high price people pay for society’s shortcomings